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經書系列 Classics Series

史書系列 History Series

人物傳記系列 Biography Series

哲學系列 Philosophy Series

文學理論系列 Literary Theory Series

字學系列 Chinese Paleography and Writing System Series

韻文系列 Rhyme Series

散文系列 Essay Series

小說系列 Fiction Series

術數系列 Numeral Divining Series

使用條款 Terms of Use

  1. All people  are free to use , copy, redistribute, modify make derivative work and publish the PD (public domain) ebooks as they wish subject to the exception as listed below:
    • create scandalous, obscene or immoral works using the content of PD ebboks;
    • redistribute any of the ebooks for commercial purpose; and
    • use the trade mark or name related to the source of ebook in a manner which suggests their association with or endorsement of any product of service.
  2. Readers must check the licenses attached to the ebooks and the copyright laws of their countries before redistributing the ebooks. If no license information or agreement is embeded in the ebook, the text content of the book alone excluding the decoration graphic or graphic design elements is in the public domain and you may use it for any purpose without restriction.